When SailGP surfaced in the world, it brought with it a new global championship featuring the world’s fastest sail racing. The objective? Grow the discipline's profile and attract (and maintain) new eyeballs in a very competitive sports ecosystem. 

In this episode of Field to Fan, Daisy Vollans, Head of Digital and Engagement at SailGP, sits down with our very own Jason Bradwell to discuss: 

- How to build a loyal fan-base by leveraging the sport's dramatic live shows

- The challenges of creating an immersive, fan-first experience within a growing sport – and how to overcome them 

- The use of live data to enhance on-screen graphics for sailing enthusiasts and newcomers alike 


All of this, and more, on 'Field to Fan', a production of Deltatre, the global leader in fan-first video experiences. 

To learn more, visit www.deltatre.com. You can also connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn. 

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