We live in a world driven by numbers, statistics and algorithms. Sport is no exception, and over the past decade, data has become an increasingly important aspect of the viewing experience – plus an important driver of value for leagues, teams and broadcasters. 

In this episode of ‘Field to Fan’, Andreas Heyden, CEO at DFL Digital Sports GmbH & EVP Digital Innovations DFL Group, and Christian Holzer, Managing Director at Deltatre AG and Sportec Solutions – a joint venture between the DFL and Deltatre – sit down with our host Jason Bradwell. 

They discuss the invaluable role technology and data analysis has to play as sports restart following the COVID-19 pandemic; how organizations can benefit from live data; which challenges and opportunities await sports organizations in the near future. 

Later on, Tony Page, President DIGITAL and LIVE Divisions at Deltatre, joins the conversation to analyze what's on the horizon for technology in sports, as well as the key trends impacting sport production today. 

Field to Fan is a production of Deltatre, the global leader in fan-first video experiences. 

To learn more, visit www.deltatre.com. You can also connect with us on Twitter or LinkedIn

For more insights about Sportec Solutions, visit www.sportec-solutions.de

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